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Refund/Return Policy
Effective date: 7/13/2022

All refunds/returns/exchanges for handmade goods are decided on a case-by-case basis. I want you to be thrilled with your purchase & will do what I can to help you be happy.

Refunds/returns/exchanges for other items can be arranged by e-mailing ask@natayork.com.

Items are entitled to be refunded or returned based on complaint. If an item is unsatisfactory, a written explanation is needed before the item may be considered for a refund. Buyer must take into account the description of the item before requesting a refund. If the item matches the description by the seller and the buyer is unsatisfied, seller is not responsible for refund.

Any complaints (comments/concerns) about items may be sent to ask@natayork.com. There is no guarantee of a resolution, but again, I'll do my best.

Custom Orders
I love being able to create a unique, personal item for customers and friends. If you are looking to buy a custom made item, contact me at ask@natayork.com and we can chat about what you're looking for

Please note, when I make a custom item it may take some time (one to two weeks) to find the best materials and to make your item perfect. Please allow extra time on production and delivery of custom orders.